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What is climate of London?

London has a temperate oceanic climate, similar to much of southern Britain.  Despite its reputation as being a rainy city, London interestingly receives less precipitation in a year than Rome or Bordeaux.

Winters are generally chilly to cold with frost usually occurring in the suburbs on average twice a week from November to March. Snow usually occurs about 4 or 5 times a year mostly from December to February. Snowfall during March and April is rare but does occur every 23 years. Winter temperatures seldom fall below −7 C (19.4 F) or rise above 8 C (46.4 F).

London's summer average is a comfortable 24 C (75.2 F).  On average there are 7 days a year above 30 C (86.0 F) and 2 days a year above 32 C (89.6 F).  Rain generally occurs on around 2 out of 10 summer days.  Temperature extremes range from -10C(14F) to 37.9C(100.22F).

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