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eBay UK is part of the eBay system; the world's largest online marketplace. With over 12 million items for sale at any one time and 50 million registered users, eBay UK is your place to find the things you want, to sell the items you have, and to make friends while you're at it.

With more than 1m registered eBay UK users, eBay UK offers you the best of both worlds: a site tailored to the needs of British traders combined with the largest and most advanced online trading community in the world. For more information on eBay UK see: www.ebay.co.uk

Bidding on eBay UK

Buying on eBay UK may seem daunting to the beginner, but once you know how it's easy and fun. If you need any further help or advice see: www.ebay.co.uk

How do I sell on eBay UK?

There has never been a better time to start selling on eBay UK. Perhaps you have received an unwanted gift or have a treasure trove gathering dust in the attic. Either way, someone on eBay UK wants to buy it! If you are new to eBay UK and need some help with selling for the first time you have come to the right place. eBay UK has  gathered some handy tips and useful links to take the fear out of selling on eBay.  See: www.ebay.co.uk

Is eBay UK safe to use?

The vast majority of buyers and sellers on eBay are honest and reliable.  Millions of transactions take place every day on eBay UK without any problem, which makes it one of the safest places to trade on the web.

For some great tips for safe trading and how eBay UK can help you in the unlikely event that your transaction does not go smoothly see: www.ebay.co.uk

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Providing you have an active email address you can www.ebay.co.uk

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